We are a group passionate about California Olives and Olive Oil. We specialize in helping to promote olive oil and all olive products both in the United States and internationally. We believe in respect for our producers and growers, our consumers, and our environment.

Roving Olive is working to promote the local, environmental, community and economic benefits of California Producers and California Olive Oil and Olives. Roving Olive was founded in 2010 by a group of Californians dedicated to bringing the quality, taste, and affordability of California Olive Oil to consumers globally.

We would like to acknowledge some of the key people involved in Roving Olive:

Paul Vossen

University of California
Cooperative Extension
Farm Advisor
(707) 565-2621

Paul Vossen has been a University of California Cooperative Extension – Farm Advisor in Sonoma County since 1980. He works in the areas of fruit tree, berry, and specialty vegetable culture; pest control; olive oil processing; olive oil sensory evaluation; and marketing of farm products. He was one of the founders of the California Olive Oil Council in 1990, he started and managed an olive oil taste panel that became recognized by the International Olive Oil Council in 2001, and currently is the panel leader for the UC Cooperative Extension Research Taste Panel in Santa Rosa, CA. He has conducted research on the effects of irrigation and olive fruit fly damage on olive oil sensory quality, and in identifying the sensory characteristics of oil olive varieties grown in different areas of California. His work was instrumental in the development of the UC manual on organic olive production. Paul has judged olive oils internationally since 1997. He teaches many UC short courses and seminars on olive oil production, processing, and sensory evaluation and works as a private consultant in the field of olive oil ands specialty crops worldwide. He also has many years of practical experience in farming and marketing specialty fruit and vegetable products in Northern California. He currently lives in Sebastopol, California.

Andres Montaño

Andres is responsible for the fantastic first version of the web design for Roving Olive. In 2002 Andres Montaño left his hometown, Chula Vista to move up to San Francisco. He pursued graphic design and printmaking and grew increasingly determined to build a career combining the two. When he’s not freelancing, he’s building his music collection and thinking about how he needs to become a DJ, score the soundtracks to films, collect rare prints and fix bikes. Andres currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife Junia and continues to be inspired by great design each time he rides the streets of the city with good tunes in his ears. You can find more of this talented design artist at Andres’ website atwww.soundslikeyouandme.com.

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